Hello, my name is Madhvi Joshi
and I love:




Developing Custom WordPress Sites

About Me

I have more than four years of professional experience in developing custom WordPress sites. I love learning and always looking for ways to grow in my career and try new things.

I specialize in creating websites from scratch using WordPress. My Process of developing sites are:

  • Review design files for repeatable modules and design consistency through out the website.
  • Create install on WPENGINE and setup production and staging environment.
  • Connect website to local development tool by Flywheel for easier pull and push throughout building process.
  • Install blankslate theme and necessary plugins on environment.
  • Build global style pattern.
  • Build repeated modules and custom blocks using ACF.
  • Build subpage layout, and blog layout.
  • Build responsive website.
  • Import content.
  • Adding google tag manager and google analytics and connecting to website as needed.
  • Launch a website.

Niagara Falls

Tools I Use